Possibly Leaked Images of Cyberverse Deluxe Grimlock and Ultra Class… Rack ‘n Ruin?!

It’s a good time to be a Wreckers fan, because everyone’s favorite conjoined Marvel UK ‘bots seem to be getting their very first toy!

A low quality image of what seems to be some sort of Japanese catalog for the Transformers Cyberverse toyline surfaced today, evidently originating from 4chan, showing listings for several recently announced toys, such as the new Ultra and Ultimate Class figures revealed at MCM London last week, and two new ones as well!

On the right page, we see an unpainted prototype for a previously unannounced toy of Grimlock that seems to be in the Deluxe Class, the new collector oriented range of Cyberverse figures that come with extensive articulation, effect parts, and pieces for a Maccadam Build-a-Figure. On the left, in the bottom right corner, we have quite a surprise in the form of Rack ‘n Ruin, a pair of conjoined Autobots who originated from the Marvel UK comics and have since put in several minor appearances in the Cyberverse animated series! The pair have never received any sort of toy before, so their presence comes as quite the pleasant surprise!
As with all leaks, this should be treated with some degree of skepticism. If it is fake, however, it certainly seems to be quite an elaborate one!
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