NYCC 2019: New official Cyberverse renders — and Maccadam BAF!

NYCC is under way, and Hasbro’s come out swinging with a first look at the next part of the War for Cybertron trilogy, as well as some officially-released new Selects and some new swag for HasLab Unicron. But that’s not all that’s getting some love this week: Cyberverse also gets some unexpected (and unexpectedly awesome) new releases revealed, now with official Hasbro renders!
Set to see release in January 2020, the new wave of figures includes Bumblebee (Sting Shot Attack), Optimus Prime (Matrix Mega Shot Attack), Megatron (Fusion Mega Shot Attack), and Shockwave (Shock Blast Attack, hee hee), this time revisited without the action-feature gimmicks that were prominent earlier in the toyline. Now the figures feature much better articulation, as well as some neat new Siege-style blast effects!

Most unexpectedly of all, a new character gets his arguably first Transformers toy ever: Maccadam, based on the design from the show! The burly bartender can be assembled as a build-a-figure by buying the eight-figure wave (four of which are the figures above), which has his various parts packed in with each individual character.

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