New Images of Cyberverse Whirl, Bludgeon, Repugnus, Deluxe Hot Rod

Three fan favorites have entered the Cyberverse!

Via Kapow Toys LTD on Facebook, we’ve gotten a look at four new, unrevealed Transformers: Cyberverse toys!

Alongside a stock image of the already announced Deluxe Class Megatron, this more collector oriented class of Cyberverse product now seems to be adding the classic Autobot cavalier Hot Rod to it’s line-up as well! As such, he will presumably include a piece of the Maccadam Build-A-Figure as well. On the simpler side of the line, we also have three fan favorite characters in the form of a very IDW influenced Whirl, Bludgeon, and the Monsterbot Repugnus, shocking everyone with his third toy in almost as many years! What size class/gimmick these three fall into, be it Warrior class, One-Step Changer, or something else, is unknown. All these toys seem to be labeled with Japanese release dates near the ends of each of the four months of December 2019 through March 2020.
So what do you think of these reveals? Is your appreciation of these characters enough to make you overlook the simplicity of the toys? Whatever your stance, be sure to let us know over on the Allspark Forums, Facebook page, or Discord server!