Livestream and Images from Hasbro’s New York Comic Con 2019 Transformers Press Event!

Come check out new Earthrise figures, a third faction for the Transformers TCG, and a new collector’s line for Cyberverse!

Following John Warden and Ben Montano’s appearance at SyFy Wire’s New York Comic Con stage show this morning, Hasbro hosted an event showing off the latest new toys in the Transformers War for Cybertron: Earthrise line and much, much more! And thanks to a livestream of the event run by the good folks over at, we’ve got the deets on what all Hasbro showed off!

First off, while word about them got out just a little bit early, new Earthrise toys Wheeljack, Cliffjumper, Hoist, and the Micromaster Battle Patrol were accounted for, in addition to the already announced Optimus Prime, Starscream, Grapple, Ironworks, and Hot Rod Patrol! Also present was the new Battle Master “Soundbarrier” who forms either a shield or a length of road that can be used with Earthrise’s “A.I.R. Lock” system, which allows you to build elaborate interlocking bases from toys such as Ironworks or War for Cybertron: Siege’s Omega Supreme and Astrotrain! And speaking of Astrotrain, it was also announced that he will be re-released as part of the first wave of Earthrise product after his initial release in Wave 5 of Siege.

Also on display was a very exciting development for those who’ve been disappointed with the Cyberverse toyline’s offerings so far: A new line of Generations style figures aimed at collectors! Rather than the simpler, gimmicky toys that have thus far defined the Cyberverse line, these seem much more in line with the War for Cybertron line, right down to including effect parts! Roughly deluxe scale and retailing for $19.99 apiece, these Cyberverse toys also each come with a component to assemble a non-transforming Build-a-Figure of Maccadam! While only four toys were on display, plus Maccadam, Hasbro stated that he is split up into eight pieces, meaning there’s at least four more of these Cyberverse toys left to be revealed!

Last but not least, the Transformers Trading Card Game also got in on the fun by revealing a whole host of new Character and Battle Cards, all related to a new third faction: MERCENARIES! These bots have no allegiance to either side and are made up of an eccentric line-up of well known and obscure faction swappers! More well known characters like Lockdown, Octone, Deadlock, and the WFC relevant Nightbird are joined by some shocking second-stringers: Mudflap (As in Transformers: Cybertron Mudflap! Yes! That guy!) and Detritus! How on earth those two made it in is beyond me, but I sure am happy that they did!

Thanks once again to for livestreaming the event and for sharing images on their Twitter! Check out even more of their pics at @TFU_INFO! To share your thoughts on these reveals, you can check out the Allspark forums, Discord, and Facebook!