Leaked Images and Details for War for Cybertron: Earthrise Wheeljack and Cliffjumper

Via a now taken down store listing, we have the first images of War for Cybertron: Earthrise Wheeljack and the Military Micromaster Patrol, plus details on Earthrise Cliffjumper!

Through a now removed listing on retailer ToyWiz.com, we’ve managed to get an early look at two new War for Cybertron toys and details on another! First up we have a picture of Deluxe Earthrise Wheeljack in robot mode and the two members of the Earthrise Micromaster Military Patrol Bombshock and Growl! There is additionally an image of Bombshock’s vehicle mode.

Before the listing was removed, “Oing O’boin-goman” on Facebook managed to capture images of Wheeljack’s store page, which erroneously describe Earthrise Cliffjumper instead! The description states that Cliffjumper comes with a weapon accessory and “ski attachments” that allow him to assume a “ski vehicle mode”. While there’s no pictures, we can only speculate that these accessories allow Cliffjumper to assume a mode similar to the one seen in the G1 Cartoon episode “Dinobot Island, Part 2”.

While it’s unfortunate that this information leaked and we don’t get to see the full picture of these figures just yet, it still paints an exciting picture! It presumably won’t be long before we get the full details on these upcoming releases. To discuss this news, you can check out the Allspark forums, Discord, and Facebook!