GI JOE Cross Over Coming To Transformers Earth Wars!

Announced on their stream today we got the introduction of some of our favorite classic GI JOE characters coming to Earth Wars with an awesome cinematic! Read on fro more details!

While they went into more discussion of the upcoming crossover on their stream, you can check out the epic trailer right here!

That is right! GI JOE is coming to Earth Wars! Our favorite Autobots and Decepticons are getting new classic GI JOE and Cobra Alt modes! First up for the Autobots is Hound as the VAMP jeep, while the Decepticons are getting Soundwave as the HISS Tank! Check out the screenshots of the stream below!

It is rumored that we will be having a leaderboard event next weekend for these two new bots, so get your wallets and you caffeine ready!
Now that you have seen the first two bots, check out the press release!

Knowing is Half the Battle.

Flesh and metal collide as a group of elite fighters armed with state-of-the-art technology merge with the world of Autobots and Decepticons.
The G.I. Joe franchise is making its debut in Transformers: Earth Wars. Players will get the chance to unlock Joe team vehicle versions of Autobots Hound and Jetfire, and Cobra versions of Decepticons Soundwave and Skywarp. A pair of the new characters are scheduled to be released the week of October 21st.
Accompanying the new Bots in the Showroom and in-game Dialogue, will be appearances by G.I. Joe characters Duke, Scarlett and Snake Eyes as well as Cobra Commander, Baroness and Storm Shadow from Cobra.
The new characters will not only make a stunning visual addition, but fans will also get to enjoy some of their favorite G.I. Joe tracks, as the new release is bolstered by the original G.I. Joe Soundtrack.
Now you know.

Also, we are getting a new Loading screen! Check it out below!

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