DNA Designs Presents Upgrade Kits DK-13/DK-14 For Siege Ultra Magnus and Galaxy Upgrade Optimus Prime!

Via their Facebook account, third party company DNA Designs has revealed a pair of upgrade kits designed to boost the stature and armaments of Transformers War for Cybertron Siege Leader class Ultra Magnus and Galaxy Upgrade Optimus Prime!

These two new kits, DK-13 snd DK-14, will provide you with replacement (and longer) lower legs for the inner cab robots of each figure, that are both colour matched and offer a little more design difference to the figures, since the Optimus version is clearly going for the design of Transformers Cybertron Optimus Primes leg design. They also have a battle axe (that seems to take a little inspiration the axe used by Optimus in the live action movies) battle hammer (very much inspired by The Forge of Solus Prime) and, for Galaxy Upgrade Optimus Prime, a pair of filler pieces for his super modes cannons. It is also possible to store the weapons inside Prime larger cannons too.
Check out Dna Designs Facebook page here for DK-13 Galaxy Upgrade Optimus Prime here for DK-14 Ultra Magnus. Or check out our mirrored images below.

Preorders are up at site sponsor TFSource for DK-13 (Optimus) and DK-14 (Ultra Magnus). Bigbadtoystore for DK-13 (Optimus) and DK-14 (Ultra Magnus). Priced at $19.99 and with a estimated release date of January 2020.
So then, what do you think of these kits? Are the extra weapons, extra height and little extra design touches worth it to you? Whatever your opinion, join the discussion in the DNA Designs thread on our Allspark forums right here. If you’re a new visitor, please consider making an account right here. Or, if you’d prefer, jump right into the livechat on our Discord Server and Facebook group.