Unicron to be Made Available in the UK and EU Through Kapow Toys!

Don’t count the Chaos Bringer out yet, because official pre-orders are finally coming to Europe!

There’s been another new wrinkle in the HasLab Unicron Crowdfunding saga! Ever since the project’s announcement, people have been wondering when Hasbro will finally be allowing European customers to place their pre-orders for their colossal new figure. Well, everyone’s questions have finally been answered by the England based retailer Kapow Toys!
Via a post on their Facebook page, Kapow has announced that they’ve become the one and only Hasbro approved retailer for Unicron for the UK and EU. Rest assured, that orders through Kapow will be added to the crowdfunding total towards Unicron. While their store page for Unicron currently lists him as out of stock with no price, they promise that orders will open up some time later this week.
As of right now, Unicron’s page on Hasbro Pulse sits at 5,668 backers with 18 days left to go until the campaigns official end on October 6, 2019. We still need another 2,332 backers to place orders for Unicron to be funded, so regardless of where you are, if you’ve got the dough, be sure to chip in to making this dream a reality!
Again, European customers can find Unicron at Kapow Toys here and US customers can find him at Hasbro Pulse. If you want to be able to get in ASAP, Kapow Toys offers email alerts that will notify you as soon as they’re officially taking orders for Unicron. For more updates on the Unicron campaign, keep your eyes peeled on the Allspark and check out our forums, Discord, and Facebook to discuss!