Transformers TCG: this week’s Rules Roundup, Sgt. Sixgun, Sgt. Thundercracker, Raider Brunt, Sights, and Vanguard!

This week’s Transformers TCG Rules Roundup takes a closer look at the upcoming Siege II reveals and their implications for play, from Anticipation Engine to All-Out Attack to Recover Cassette and more.
The roundup is also flanked by a few neat new reveals: first, courtesy of, we get a look at one of the Siege toyline’s updated characters, Sergeant Sixgun!

In a new Nagle’s Notes, Design Lead Ken Nagle gives us the lowdown on another sergeant, this time a Seeker on the opposite side: Sergeant Thundercracker.

Another recent toy release finds his way to the TCG arena, as lets us in on the finer points of playing Raider Brunt.

Transformers artist Dan Khanna shares artwork he did for a pair of Action Master partners: Jackpot’s previosuly-revealed partner Sights, and Sideswipe’s buddy Vanguard, each now a Private in the War for Cybertron.

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