Transformers TCG Card Reveal Round-Up for 9/18/2019

It’s been an extremely busy few days since our last post, so come on in and check out a whole grip of new Character and Battle Cards!

phew There’s a whole heck of a lot to get caught up with, so let’s get down to it!
First off, at this past weekend’s European Energon Opener, Transformers TCG Brand Manager Drew Nolosco was in attendance and he brought a special surprise in the form of Private Highjump, finally rounding off the Off-Road Patrol! Then came the reveal of the new Insecticon Private Kickback via the TCG’s Facebook page. And tthrough two seprate blog posts, we’ve seen the triumphant return of Triple Changers with Private Sandstorm and four new Battle Cards: Designated Target, Minor Medical Kit, Crowbar, and Point Position!

Oh, but that’s not all! Not by a long shot! Via various Twitter users we’ve gotten more Action Master partner goodness in the form of Raider Sights (Who’s Battle Master form is a Utility upgrade, meaning you can have all three Upgrade slots filled with Battle Masters!) and the Battle Card Acute Reflexes from @FrancisCapra, Private Smokescreen from @Arune, and Private Greenlight with the Triple Changer-centric Battle Card Conversion Engine from @425Suzanne!

Finally, we have Jam Signals from, another Triple Changer who has the potential to be absolutely brutal in the form of Captain Astrotrain and the Battle Cards Backfire, Involuntary Promotion, and Pincer Movement from the [email protected] podcast, Captain Impactor from, and Private Fixit and the Hidden Fortification Battle Card from Powered by Primus!

And THAT is all she wrote… for now anyways! It’s an awful lot to chew on, but once you’ve got your mind wrapped around how Captain Astrotrain is a Common who as the potential to do FOURTEEN DAMAGE if he’s in robot mode, has all three upgrade slots filled, and has three Attack Drones in his weapon slot, come share your reactions to how in-sane that is on the Allspark forums, Discord Server, or Facebook page!