Transformers TCG Card Reveal Round Up for 9/12/19

A bunch of little guys end up making for big announcements as we mark the debut of undoubtedly the most obscure participant in the War for Cybertron (: Siege II) yet!

Kicking things off, if you were puzzled what the two Off Road Patrolers Mudslinger and Tote were doing without the guidance of their leader back in War for Cybertron: Siege I, Siege II has put your fears to rest with Private Powertrain! Based off his new toy in the Siege toyline, Powertrain gives his teammates Bold 1 in vehicle mode but, should they fall in battle, he can avenge them with +1 Attack and Defense for each KO’d Off Roader. While the fourth and final member of the Off Road Patrol, Highjump, has yet to be officially revealed, the phrasing of the article all but confirms he’s on his way and that you’ll be able to have all four members on a single team! There were plenty of other Micromasters who were missing other members back in Siege I, and we already know Ratbat is coming to help fill out the Spy Patrol, so it seems like a sure bet we’ll see more Patrols get rounded out!

Next up, we have maybe one of the most surprising character pulls in the history of the game so far. While the team at Wizards of the Coast has never shied away from deep cuts, including characters such as Straxus, the deluxe Insecticons, Ruckus, and the Firecons in previous waves, I think it’s safe to say no one would have ever expected Private Vanguard! A Battle Master, who unlike previous cards of this type becomes an Armor upgrade once KO’d rather than a Weapon, this character is modeled on the partner robot of the European exclusive Action Master Sideswipe!

Finally, we have another Battle Master reveal: Private Dazzlestrike! And what a Battle Master they are too! In robot mode, Dazzlestrike prevents the use of Brave, which would ordinarily force you to attack a particular character who posses that ability. But the real potential of Dazzlestrike opens up once they’ve been KO’d, turning them into the Shadowsteel Iceblade! Giving you a whopping +3 to Attack and healing 3 damage to whichever character you apply it to, this sword of ice and fire proves to be very high risk as well, as should your opponent scrap it off a character, they instantly deal 3 damage as well! If you’ve picked up the Siege Dazzlestrike toy, perhaps now you’ll look upon their toyline partner Greenlight with a bit more respect for the risks she’s clearly taking.

And that’s all she wrote for the time being! War for Cybertron: Siege II, the fourth wave of the Transformers Trading Card Game, launches November 9th, 2019. As always, keep an eye on the Allspark for more news and reveals from the Transformers TCG front and head over to our forums, Facebook, or Discord to talk shop!