“The Toys That Made Us” Blu-Ray will include an extended Peter Cullen interview and a Takara tour with Hideaki Yoke!

Even as anticipation continues to build for its third season, The Toys That Made Us is getting ready to hit Blu-Ray!
Comicbook.com reports that seasons 1 and 2 of the well-received Netflix series will be seeing further releases outside the streaming format (following last May’s DVD release).
Bloody-disgusting.com presents a rundown of the Blu-Ray extras that will be packed in, including a limited collectible item and special features for fans of the toylines featured. Beyond the expected deleted scenes and featurettes, however, fans might be swayed by an extended interview with Peter Cullen, and a Takara tour with Hideaki Yoke!

The Blu-Ray release date for The Toys That Made Us, seasons 1+2 is October 1, 2019.
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