TakaraTomyMall update: official photos of Siege Apeface, Crosshairs, Micromaster Battle Squad, and Battle Master Singe

TakaraTomyMall has updated with new official photos of upcoming War for Cybertron: Siege releases.
First up is Apeface with Spasma.

We also get a better look at returning Targetmaster (as yet with no Pinpointer on the horizon), Crosshairs.

More Micromasters are en route as well, with Siege‘s first Micromaster Combiner pairing in the Battle Squad’s Power Punch and Direct-Hit.

Finally, Battle Master Singe is on the way to team up with the Phantomstrike Squadron’s Shrute to arm the also-upcoming Spinister (or any other ‘cons who need some fireblastpower).

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