Takara Opens Pre-Orders for the Final Two Generations Selects Seacons!

The full King Poseidon line-up is finally here!

Right on schedule following the early August and September pre-order periods for the previous four Seacons, Takara Tomy has put up the final two up for preorder on their Takara Tomy Mall website! Rounding out the team are two who’s names won’t need translation for western fans: the shark Overbite and squid Tentakil! As before, these two are available individually for 4,180 yen each or in a bundle for 8,360 yen. Hasbro Pulse pre-orders for America will presumably open up later this week, with each figure costing $35. Pre-Orders will remain open for the rest of the month of October and are expected to ship in March of 2020.
You can check out Takara’s promo images for the duo in the gallery down below or by following the links up above! Once you get an eyeful, share your thoughts on these two wonderful catches over on the Allspark forums, Discord, or Facebook page!