Pre-Orders Open on Takara Tomy Mall for the Next Two Generations Selects Seacons!

Manta Ray and Lobster fans rejoice, because your two favorite Seacons are next up in the queue! Them, and another new reissue of Beast Wars Neo’s Big Convoy with an even bigger gun!

Japanese Transformers maker Takara Tomy has put up a trio of new items on their online Takara Tomy Mall website, starting off with two more of the upcoming Generations Selects Seacons: Lobclaw and Kraken! Known as Nautilator and Seawing in the US, Lobclaw and Kraken take on the alternate modes of a lobster monster and a manta ray and, like all the Seacons, can form either a limb or a weapon to be wielded by King Poseidon/Pirahnacon. They each retail for 4,104 yen each (the same as the already preorderable Gulf) or for 8,208 yen in a bundle. As with Gulf and Turtler, these two will presumably soon make their way to US customers via Hasbro Pulse, where they will likely be priced at $35 each, the same as Gulf.

In addition to the Seacons, Takara Tomy has also put up for preorder a new reissue of the classic Beast Wars Neo toy Big Convoy with a host of new accessories! Entitled the “Matrix Buster ver.”, the reissue takes it’s name after it’s most notable new accessory: an even more colossal cannon for the Cybertron leader to wield! Also included is a new figurine of the NAVI unit for Big Convoy’s spaceship, the Gung-Ho. Color wise, this reissue seems more faithful to the colors of the original Big Convoy toy compared to the previous, more anime influenced reissue.

Excited to get two steps closer to completing your Seacons? Happy to see Big Convoy looking like he did back in 1999 without all the aging a vintage toy would? Share your thoughts over on the Allspark forums, Discord, or Facebook page!