Nova Storm Announced for Wave 4 of Transformers Trading Card Game!

Everyone’s other favorite yellow Seeker is finally taking her time in the sun!

We’ve hit another landmark on the road to Wave 4 of the Transformers TCG, War for Cybertron: Siege II! Via their Twitter, the Transformers TCG announced Raider Nova Storm as the latest character to join the game’s roster of robots!

Inspired by her toy in the recently released Rainmaker 3 pack and featuring art by Sara Pitre-Duocher, Nova Storm’s robot and vehicle mode abilities are unlocked by upgrading her with a black pipped card. In robot mode, an upgraded Nova Storm can dish out damage with Pierce 3 and recover from whatever wounds she may incur with her base 0 defense by moving a single point of damage to an enemy when you flip to vehicle mode.
If you hadn’t picked up on this article’s pronoun usage, this card interestingly refers to Nova Storm as a “she” in her robot mode ability text! While G1 Nova Storm has usually been presented as male in their limited G1 appearances, the Nova Storm of the current Transformers: Cyberverse cartoon series was depicted as female instead. Whether or not this is the intended gender of the Siege toy or if Nova Storm’s fellow Rainmaker Acid Storm will receive a new card that draws inspiration from her Cyberverse incarnation remains to be seen, but more female Transformers is always great to see!
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