Listings Found for Upcoming 2020 War for Cybertron toys?

Ahead of their presumable announcement at New York Comic Con, a whole grip of listings has been found for what may be some of the first toys in the second chapter of the War for Cybertron Trilogy!

Through the website for the toy distributor Southern Hobby Supply, eagle eyed Transformers fan Jtprime17 spotted several new listings that appear to be for upcoming toys in the Transformers: War for Cybertron line! These leaked listings include:
HSBE7149 Micromaster Hotrod Patrol
E7150 Micormaster Military Patrol
E7155 Deluxe Cliffjumper
E7156 Deluxe Wheeljack
E7154 Deluxe Hoist
E7157 Deluxe Ironworks
E7162 Voyager Starscream Earth
E7164 Voyager Grapple
E7166 Leader Optimus Prime (With Trailer)
Perhaps the most interesting of these listings is “Voyager Starscream Earth”. After we already got a whole bunch of Seekers in Part 1 of the War for Cybertron, are we going to get them all over again in a more Earthly alt-mode in Part 2? Is the war really changing fronts so soon? What’s up with the Deluxe Class “Ironworks”, when the Micromaster by that name got a pseudonymous release in the Target exclusive Micromaster 10 Pack?  Hasbro is set to debut this second chapter of the trilogy next week at New York Comic Con, so only time will tell!
Thanks to Onyxstrike on the Allspark Discord server for bringing Jtprime17’s findings to our attention! For further speculations on these listings, you can head over to the Allspark forums, Discord server, or Facebook group!