Hasbro Pulse Blog Talks WFC Military Insignias

WFC: Siege debuted a new system of classification symbols that goes a lot deeper than just “Autobot” and “Decepticon”. Fans have been analysing and documenting the symbols since the line’s debut, and a new Hasbro Pulse article looks at the design process. Why? Because they see you. They see you.

Yeah. We see you. We keep up on the comments sections of this and other fan sites. We know a lot of you didn’t necessarily need this key, but as we were developing this system, we sure did. It was an important tool for organizing the system and giving all of us working on the project the guidelines needed to build an insignia for any character. It was actually all a bit of a process, and we thought it would be fun to tell you a bit about that process.

There’s some cool art and it’s interesting to get a look behind the curtain. Check out the full article on Hasbro Pulse’s “Unboxed” blog and then head back here to discuss in in the Allspark forums, Facebook page or Discord!