Generations Selects Powerdasher Cromar Spotted at Canadian Toys R Us!

They call him a Powerdasher because he already came out before anyone actually formally announced him.

Thanks to Twitter users @Shinji_Mcnally and @Not_on_Twitta, we’ve recieved the surprising news that Cromar, the third and final of the Generations Selects Powerdashers, has suddenly appeared on the shelves of at least one Canadian Toys R Us located in Burlington, Ontario!

The saga of the Generations Selects Powerdashers has been a strange one, which might be fitting given how strange their existence is at all. Redecoed and lightly remolded from the three War for Cybertron: Siege Weaponizer figures, the Powerdashers are remakes of three toys who were only available as special, mail-away items in the first few years of the Generation 1 toyline. Given that and the fact that they were extremely incongruous with the other toys Hasbro imported from Takara, they never got any appearances in the media of the day or even since, really.
The first of these new Powerdashers, Aragon, was announced out of the blue at San Diego Comic Con, as the third toy in an Amazon exclusive boxset that also includes the 2018 fan vote characters Mirage and Impactor. The other two, Cromar and Zetar, were then seen just one week later without any fanfare or official comment from Hasbro at the 2019 Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong convention. Zetar was later officially announced by Hasbro last month and pre-orders from Hasbro Pulse have started shipping out this week. Now, with this sudden and unexpected release, which again comes without official any real announcement of the toy’s existence from Hasbro, it seems like the first Powerdasher to be announced will be the last one to get out there!
Powerdasher Cromar is a redeco of War for Cybertron: Siege Sixgun and retails for $29.99 CAD. When he arrives in the US, presumably through the same online channels as other Generations Selects toys, the USD price will presumably be closer to $19.99.
We wish our readers to the north happy hunting and we’ll keep an eye out for whenever orders open up for Cromar down here! For now though, check out the Allspark forums, Discord, or Facebook for more Transformers discussion!