Commandroids: A World Transformed Kickstarter FUNDED!

It’s official: The tabletop RPG of transforming 80’s robots is coming home! With plenty of bonus features too!

Last week, we reported on the Kickstarter campaign for “Commandroids: A World Transformed“, a tabletop RPG heavily influenced by Transformers and other robot/mech cartoons of the 80’s such as Voltron and Robotech. At the time of that article’s writing, the game hadn’t yet reached it’s funding goal and only had days left to go. We’re happy to announce, though, that in the days since, the game’s Kickstarter campaign was not only successful, but also blew through all of it’s original stretch goals and many additional ones as well!
Originally setting out to raise $15,000 to fund the game, the Kickstarter campaign ultimately raised $21,772! Because of all this extra cash, the folks over at Nerdy City have been able to add a ton more to the game, including 75 new vehicle modes, 9 new MechaShogun combiners, rules for how to play as the villainous Nemesites, the “Bullrush County, Florida” setting, an introductory CYOA for new players/prospective DMs, an adventure supplement that lets you explore your Commandroid’s history before they came to Earth, and rules for a whole host of NPCs inspired by other 80s toy and cartoon properties! Additionally, meeting stretch goals has also meant the game’s book will be in full color with 80’s toy packaging inspired “Tek-Specs” and be available in a hardcover edition!
We at the Allspark would like to extend a warm and hearty congratulations to everyone at Nerdy City Games for a Kickstarter well-run! Now all that’s left for us on the outside to do is wait for the game’s estimated August 2020 release to come so we can check out the game for ourselves!
If you still want to check out the Commandroids Kickstarter page for updates straight from the devs themselves, you can find it here! And to chat about the game or all other things Transformers, be sure to check out the Allspark’s forums, Discord server, or Facebook page!