Before the Dawn of the Commandroids: ReMemorex!

With the Commandroids RPG successfully funded, we can now sit back and relax while the Nerdy City gang get to work.

If you want to get a taste of what Commandroids might look like, check out one of the team’s previous projects – ReMemorex: The Tabletop Role-Playing Game of Suburban 80’s Horror. Influences include the likes of ET, Gremlins, The Last Starfighter and, more recently, Stranger Things.

ReMemorex is focused on the definitely totally normal town of Clearfield, Delaware. The game provides a generous toolset for playing in and around Clearfield, but also offers guidance on designing your own sleepy 80s hamlet to terrorise in the dark. The mysteries of Clearfield are teased through the bulk of the book, but do not prepare you for the revelations you find when they start unpacking those mysteries later. This is a deep, complex and fascinating setting that could easily sustain enormous campaigns.
Character creation is quick, simple and fun. And once you’ve built your character you can kit them out with critical equipment like walkie talkies, denim jackets, home-made throwing stars and porn magazines. While you can choose to play as an Adult, a Teen or a Kid, it’s recommended that Adults are used sparingly – though it would depend on the nature of the campaign and the specific vibe you were trying to capture.

One of the coolest elements that helps ReMemorex stand out is the “Tracking Error” mechanic. Split the party? No problem – players who aren’t participating in the current scene can throw a Tracking Error, allowing them to spice up the game by helping (hey, there’s that thing that would be useful!), hindering (uh-oh, that important thing just snapped in half!) or even jumping in to play as one of the NPCs. You can also get big jobs done fast by calling a Montage, or take time out from your current drama to reminisce by running a Clip Show!
If that wasn’t enough, the book opens with a “choose your own adventure”-style intro that runs you through some interesting encounters to give you a taste of life in Clearfield. This is a game where they haven’t just lazily tacked some theme-adjacent appendages onto an existing system, they’ve really put a lot of thought into affectionately homaging the nostalgic semi-fantasy 1980s world that drives the game (and our hearts).
ReMemorex features several Transformers references, so I have no doubt that Commandroids is in good hands and will find a devoted audience among Allspark members and the wider TF fandom. The ReMemorex family will also be expanding to include the upcoming RPG Nasty, “a one-shot storytelling game designed to evoke the bottom-of-the-barrel VHS horror of the early 80s”.
ReMemorex will appeal to any fan of 80s pop culture and is available now from DriveThruRPG. If you have a gaming group Of A Certain Age, or who are otherwise onboard the seemingly neverending 80s nostalgia train, there is a lot of entertainment packed into this book.
If you have fresh batteries in your Walkman, you can listen to actual playage with Nerdy City’s ReMemorex: This Is Not A Test, available from all good purveyors of podcastery including iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and… lots of those other ones.
if you prefer to listen with your eyes, you can also grab the novella The Summer Of Arowak.
If you’re not sold yet, well… just check this out:

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