Watch Haslab Unicrons Transformation Sequence By Takara Tomy Designer Takashi Kunihiro. In A Tuxedo!

Via a video posted up by Gizmodo, we get a stylish and in-depth look at exactly how they achieved the (seemingly) impossible for the upcoming Transformers War for Cybertron Haslab Unicron transformation from monster planet, to planet destroying robot!

Dressed in a stylish Tuxedo and dark glasses, Takara Tomy designer Takashi Kunihiro elegantly assembles and transforms the gray prototype of the Chaos Bringer. Interspersed with scenes from 1986’s Transformers The Movie, Kunihiro builds the stand, assembles the monster planet in all its glory. Then speedily, yet thoroughly, showcases how the giant, spiky sphere can achieve the same imposing robot mode of the movie, without the physics defying ability to morph its shape.
Upon completion, Kunihiro sits down to a well-deserved (and very satisfying) drink.
Either check out Gizmodo, HasLabs Crowdfunding page, and Hasbro’s Youtube channel for the transformation video. Or watch it here and view our gallery below.

At time of writing, the HasLab Unicron crowdfunding is at 2,271 backers out of 8,000. With a deadline of August 31, 2019. Time is running out.
Thanks to our own stylishly dressed monster planet, user Powered Convoy, for breaking the news.
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