War for Cybertron Siege Starscream Running Change Sighted

So as many of you know, Siege Starscream is commonly plagued by a chest piece with a tendency to fall off its hinge and tampographed movie-style Decepticon symbols instead of the classic G1 symbols. Well if these issues made you hesitant to purchase there’s good news!
Previously a “running change” was reported via a Twitter user with a pin supposedly added to the chest hinge. Well, after months with no further sightings of pinned chests it was looking pretty clear that one off sighting was either a hoax or one that was modified and returned to the store where it was repurchased.
However, after buying Red Wing and having no issues with the chest falling off its hinge I decided I would finally bite the bullet and buy Starscream. Yesterday I spotted three at my local Target in Tukwila, WA alongside three Soundwaves (so seemingly not from the Springer case assortment). I decided to take a peek inside the box at the wing symbols and lo and behold they were G1 ‘Con symbols! I checked out the other two on the shelf and they also had G1 symbols and not movie ones. So naturally one came home with me and I’m happy to report that like Red Wing the chest has tweaked tolerances that allow it to stay on the hinge perfectly fine through transformation.
You may look a bit strange peering inside the box for a look at the wing symbols, but they can be seen without opening the toy. While there’s no guarantee the chest hinge tolerances were tweaked at the same time the symbols were updated, I think it’s a decent bet Starscreams with G1 symbols will also have chests less prone to falling off. Check out the pictures featuring the G1 Decepticon symbols as well as the date stamp on the package—91441.

Have you found Siege Starscream with G1 Decepticon symbols instead of movie ones? Report it in our forums with the stamp on the box to help fellow fans track one down themselves!