Transformers TCG Card Reveal Round-Up for 8/9/19

Get caught up with the first reveals for Wave 4!

It’s spoiler season again, y’all! After the official announcement for the Transformers Trading Card Game’s Wave 4 dropped last week alongside the reveal of Trypticon, we’ve since learned about two Battle Cards designed to enhance the Tyranosauric Titan’s minions: Battlefield Incursion, which allows him to safely deploy said minions, and Relentless Invasion, which lets you revive them from your KO pile if you got them out from under Trypticon using his bot mode flip ability.

On the character front, we have a pair of 1986-tastic reveals: Private Hot Rod and Raider Ratbat! Both characters seem to introduce new mechanics, in Hot Rod’s case “Safeguard” (which means he can only take up to a certain amount of damage while undamaged) and “Revenge” for Ratbat, which lets him scrap any battle card of a certain color from an opponent’s hand! Hot Rod also has the ability to have battle cards placed under him, a rare ability that thus far has only been seen on characters like Titans and Wave 1’s Nemesis Prime – Dark Clone!

And that does it for now! It’s still a long ways to go before Wave 4’s launch on November 9th, so keep an eye on the Allspark for more card reveals and other TCG related news as it develops! And as always, you can check out the Allspark forums, Facebook page, or Discord server for more discussion!