PSA: San Diego Comic Con 2019 Transformers Exclusives Going Up Early for Hasbro Pulse Premium Members

If you’re on the higher tier of Hasbro Pulse membership, you’ll get a one day leg up on everyone else!
The Hasbro Pulse page detailing the post-con availability for Hasbro’s SDCC 2019 exclusives updated today, revealing that members of Hasbro Pulse Premium will get early access to their remaining supply of exclusives! The days that these exclusives drop was already announced ahead of the show, but this early availability is a nice lil surprise to sweeten the Premium pot!
If you need a refresher, the exclusives will be going up in weekly waves, starting this Friday, August 16th (or Thursday, August 15th for Premium members). All four Transformers exclusives will go up first on Tuesday, September 3rd for Pulse Premium members, with wider availability starting the next day. No time frame is listed for when these exclusives will actually be available for purchase on these days. This year’s line up includes the Transformers X Ghostbusters MP-10G Ecto-35 Optimus Prime, the Transformers BotBots Con Crew 10 Pack, the Transformers TCG’s 35th Anniversary Blaster vs. Soundwave Boxset, and the Transformers TCG Omnibot Convention Pack!
The full list of Hasbro’s SDCC exclusives, Transformers and otherwise, can be found here. If you’re not currently a Pulse Premium member, you can learn more about the service here. Remember though, if you placed an order during Pulse’s launch window back in February, you have a Premium subscription through the rest of the year, so check your account to see if you’re already qualified! For now though, join us over on the Allspark forums, Facebook, or Discord and share in our anticipation to get our hands on these exclusive items!