New Official Stock Images of MP Lio Convoy, Selects Smokescreen and Seacons, and War for Cybertron: Siege Wave 5!

Takara Tomy has released a whole grip of brand new images of upcoming Transformers product!
It’s been a busy handful of days for new stock photos! First off, and most recently, the Snakas blog reported on a new set of  Hasbro stock images of the upcoming Generations Selects Smokescreen

Keeping in line with the Generations Selects theme, Takara Tomy recently released images of their first two Seacons, Turtler and Gulf (Snaptrap and Skalor to us westerners)

On the Non-Selected Generations front, we have stock images of several of the new Siege toys originally announced at San Diego Comic Con, including Battle Master Rung, Micromaster Ratbat and Rumble, and Deluxe Spinister! While not quite as fancy, UK retailer In Demand Toys has also shared in-package images of Rung, his fellow Battle Master Singe, and the Micromaster two pack of Direct-Hit and Power Punch.

Finally, we have a new set of official images of the upcoming Masterpiece Lio Convoy!

And that does it for this stock photo roundup! To discuss these images, check out the Allspark forums, Discord server, or Facebook group!