Meet the BotBots Lawn League (and some Bakery Bytes) in this gallery!

One of the oddities stemming from Hasbro’s fun new BotBots line has been the strange release format of “series 1.5”, a pair of apparent store-exclusive tribes with a color-change paint gimmick. The wave has apparently seen release in Canada, Taiwan and Singapore, among other possible locations, and may see wider release in the fall as online exclusives.
If you’re hunting: getting both Lawn League 8-packs and any of the Bakery Bytes 5-packs (or Bakery Bytes 5-packs 2 and 4, and Lawn League 8-pack 2) will net you two complete tribes. However, between the 8-packs the Lawn League is already complete (and you’lll have most of the Bakery Bytes, and a handful of doubles).
Now the Allspark has a gallery of the figures from two Lawn League 8-packs, which for this smaller wave includes the unique Lawn League molds and a mix of Lawn League and Bakery Bytes redecos of varied series 1 molds.
First, a look the color-changing paint gimmick seen in the Lawn League’s newly-tooled figures, all of which sport series 1.5’s unique color-changing paint gimmick. As the instructions note, temperature changes cause the colors to change. Rubbing the painted surface is enough to go in one direction, and anyone who’s encountered Transformers rubsigns and color-change paint in general knows that some time in the fridge can reverse the color change.
The color change is a bit subtle, except for on The Pollinator, whose top flowers go from a deep orange to a bright yellow with some warmth. The dirt on Mucker Von Diggs’ trowel tip goes from brown to tan, the engine on Grass Guzzler’s engine goes to a darker brown, and the water on Nozzlesnot’s nozzle goes from blue to, well, a much paler blue.

There’s no color-change gimmick present in the series 1 redecos, but they’ve got plenty of personality regardless. From the 8-packs, the Lawn League introduces Luccaneer, McMuzzsaw, Bum Sprout, and Silent Shade, joined by Bakery Bytes tribe representatives Reci P. Cooker, Chief Cherry 3.14, and Cavi T.
Except for Bum Sprout, who’s more or less a slightly color-shifted Stinkosaurus Rex with redder plant pot/body and brighter green leaves (then again, not many color options there), the redecos are generally quite distinct and eye-catching, from the cool green of McMuzzsaw to the rich yellow on Luccaneer’s spout/hook. Even the much-used Professor Wellread mold looks all new in crisp white, with more paint going to the cookbook cover. The little details also continue to give the figures character, from the sharp-eyed ninja expression and green piping on Silent Shade to Cavi T.’s missing (or gold) tooth.

Here’s a look at the redecos with their series 1 counterparts.

The main event, though, is the complete Lawn League all together. There’s a good dose of tooling amid the redecos — flower pot The Pollinator, lawnmower Grass Guzzler, and watering can Nozzlesnot all seem to be new molds, while gardening trowel Mucker von Diggs is apparently a retool of series 1’s Nail Byter. The figures look great together thanks to some shared colors, but are certainly distinct individuals nonetheless. It’s a shame that the characters lack any sort of profile (especially since BotBots profiles are generally so fun), but lots of details like The Pollinator’s beard, apparent rastacap, and gardening coveralls, and Nozzlesnot’s apron-like design, help you fill in the blanks.

On the whole, it’s hard to say if this tribe is really worth all the trouble you’ll have to go throguh to get them, at least until they start showing up as exclusives in the fall. But if you like the molds the redecos are based on, they get mostly-new colors as good as or better than they had before. Plus, four new figures with unusual-for-the-line color-change deco isn’t a bad get.
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