“Heady” New Features Revealed for HasLab Unicron

You ever wonder what the inside of a Unicron’s head looks like? Well BAM! Here it is!

In a video posted on ComicBook.com, a previously unmentioned feature of Hasbro’s (hopefully soon to be) crowdfunded Unicron figure has been revealed! In a tribute to the Chaos Bringer’s demise at the end of 1986’s Transformers The Movie, the 27″ inch tall figure will have a removable head, plus an alternate, damaged face sculpt! In addition to these features, the video also shows off the figure’s articulated eyes, which allow Unicron to look left and right.


At the time of this writing, there’s only 16 days and 11 hours left for Unicron to reach his crowdfunding goal of 8,000 backers. If you got the scratch to drop $575 on him, you can do so on Hasbro Pulse over here.
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