Hasbro shares BotBots series 3 bios!

August is upon us, and as promised months ago at Toy Fair 2019 the third full series of BotBots is making its way to stores.

Hasbro recently put up the bios for the new tribes joining the fun in series 3. This includes the Arcade Renegades, the Goo Goo Groopies, the Fresh Squeezes, and more! Which sereis 3 BotBot is a legendary wizard? Which Arcade Renegade is so cool he can wget an arcade machine to work by kicking it? Who among the Fresh Squeezes only comes around once a year? Which new Sugar Shock is a chocolatey heartthrob, and which one is a chocolatey rule-breaker?

Hasbro also put up the long-awaited character checklist for series 3, so you can follow along as the new members and new tribes up the ante this month and onward!
Check out the new bios and lovely artwork, and review the previous series’ ones, and then fill us in on your new faves on the Allspark Facebook page, on the Allspark Forums, or on our Discord server!