Hasbro Called to Take Over the Ghostbusters Toy License!

Strap on your Proton Packs, because Hasbro has acquired the license for everyone’s favorite team of ghost hunters!

Apparently quite happy with Ectotron and the Comic Con exclusive MP-10G Optimus Prime, Sony Pictures Consumer Products has announced that they’ve licensed their Ghostbusters franchise to Hasbro!
The announcement comes in preparation of Ivan Reitman’s Ghostbusters 2020, which naturally will release next year. Though Hasbro of course promises to release plenty of tie-in merchandise for this film, they also promise new toys celebrating the entire history of the Ghostbusters brand. Interestingly, Hasbro has indirectly worked on the Ghostbusters brand in the past, as toy company Kenner released a wide range of toys tying into The Real Ghostbusters animated series before they were acquired by Hasbro in 1991.
So, what are you hoping Hasbro can bring to the Ghostbusters brand that Mattel, the previous license holder, didn’t? Are you hoping for more collaborations with Transformers or other Hasbro brands? Let your voice be heard on the Allspark’s forums, Discord, or Facebook!