Generations Selects Seacons Now Available for Pre-Order on Hasbro Pulse!

The first two Seacons are finally swimming over to this side of the Pacific!
Thanks to a tip from Allspark supporter G.B. Blackrock, we’ve learned the first two of the Generations Selects Seacons are now available for pre-order on Hasbro Pulse!

Curiously being listed under their Japanese names Turtler and Gulf rather than the American names Snaptrap and Skalor, these two went up for preorder on Japanese Transformers manufacturer Takara Tomy’s own online shop last week. Following the exciting precedent set by Takara’s Star Convoy, it seems the global brand unification means Transformers fans in the US won’t be forced to pay import prices for the pair!
Turtler can be found here for $59.99 and Gulf can be found here for $34.99. While certainly marked up above normal Voyager and Deluxe Class prices, you can’t say they haven’t done plenty of new molding to justify it! At this time Hasbro does not seem to be offering a bundle of the two like Takara is.
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