Behold, Galvatron! New Accessories for WFC Unicron

“Unicron, answer me!”
With four days to go until the end of the campaign, Hasbro has decided to reveal some new additions to War for Cybertron Unicron to improve their bargaining posture. For a product costing 574.99 USD, the fandom expected something extra, and today we see a little more!
Copies of the 19 pound Chaos Bringer will come with an extra option for his chin. Along with the smooth piece previously showcased on the figure, there will now come a pointier piece that better replicates the goatee that Unicron has classically sported.

More importantly, Hasbro has also shown off a new mini-figure of Unicron’s untrusty lackey, Galvatron! This little purple menace stands at 1.5 inches / 3.75 cm, perfect for sizing up against the Planet-Eater. Interestingly, Galvatron appears to be sculpted based on the character’s recent Voyager figure from 2016’s Titans Return toyline.

Included with this set of official images is a sweet new poster by the ever-reliable Marcelo Matere, depicting Unicron with his new plaything. No information is included about whether this will also be included with the final figure.
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David S