War for Cybertron: Siege Wave 5, Generations Selects, and More Now Available for Preorder!

San Diego Comic Con’s Siege on your wallet has now officially begun!

The vast majority of new War for Cybertron and Generations Selects product showcased at Hasbro’s San Diego Comic Con panel earlier today is now available for preorder from a variety of online retailers! Check out the links below!
Apeface: Amazon, Hasbro Pulse, BigBadToyStore
Astrotrain: Amazon, Hasbro Pulse, BigBadToyStore
Autobot Alphastrike Counterforce (G2 Sideswipe, Slamdance, Trenchfoot): Amazon
35th Anniversary Bluestreak: Walmart
Crosshairs: Amazon, Hasbro Pulse, BigBadToyStore
Decepticon Phantomstrike Squadron (Skywarp, Shrute, Fracas, Terror-Daxtyl): Amazon
Fan Vote Three Pack (Decepticon Impactor, Clear Mirage, Powerdasher Aragon): Amazon
Galactic Man Shockwave: Hasbro Pulse, BigBadToyStore
Lancer: Hasbro Pulse, BigBadToyStore
35th Anniversary Animation Megatron: Walmart
35th Anniversary Animation Optimus Prime: Walmart
Refraktor Three Pack: Hasbro Pulse, BigBadToyStore
35th Anniversary Soundblaster: Walmart
Spinister: Amazon, Hasbro Pulse, BigBadToyStore
Vintage Cassette Three Pack (Frenzy, Gurafi, Noizu): Hasbro Pulse
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