Transformers War for Cybertron: Siege Rainmakers 3-Pack Revealed

Thanks to an eBay listing from seller orange.and.oak we have our first look at the rumored War for Cybertron: Siege Rainmakers 3-pack!
This 3 pack contains WFC-S52 Seeker Acid Storm, WFC-S53 Seeker Ion Storm, and WFC-S54 Seeker Nova Storm, all redeco’d from the Siege Seeker mold and utilizing the blank expression head also used on Starscream.
For the first time ever the two remaining members of the trio at last join the breakout star of the group, Acid Storm, all given their largely monochrome color schemes as seen in their origin episode “Divide and Conquer”.
Check out the images of the new 3-pack for yourself below!

While the exact avenue of release for this 3-pack is currently unknown, it’s very likely more details will be revealed next weekend at SDCC. Stay tuned to Allspark for coverage of the event next weekend!
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