Target Exclusive Cyberverse Warrior Slipstream Revealed, and Exclusivity of Rainmaker Seekers and Spark Armor Cheetor Confirmed

The Transformers Facebook page has revealed three products to be Target exclusives, two we knew about, and one that has just been revealed.

We’ve previously seen images of Cyberverse Spark Armor Cheetor, but we have the newly revealed detail that it will be a Target exclusive in the U.S. Also newly revealed is a Warrior Class release of Cyberverse Slipstream, a redeco of Warrior Starscream.
Already confirmed as such in interviews with Hasbro at SDCC, we now have it in writing that the Siege Rainmaker Seeker 3-pack is a Target Exclusive. While they say these are releasing in Fall, the Rainmaker set is hitting Target stores now, so don’t wait, and check out the stock images for yourself below.

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