SDCC Exclusive and Retail Versions of the Transformers TCG’s Blaster vs. Soundwave Boxset Detailed!

Get the down-low on both versions of the Autobot and Decepticon tape warriors, plus another SDCC Exclusive trio of characters!
Via an article posted on IGN, we now have the details for the whopping eight character cards that are included in the upcoming Transformers Trading Card Game Blaster vs. Soundwave boxset!
As previously announced, the Blaster vs. Soundwave set will debut at this year’s San Diego Comic Con with art pulled directly from their original 1980s toy boxes! While this “35th Anniversary Con Edition” will only be available to a convention atendees, a retail version will also be available more widely at retail… but without the retro art! Outside of the art though, the cards are otherwise identical.
In addition to the retro Blaster vs. Soundwave set, there will be a new, non-random Convention Pack with three exclusive new characters: the Omnibots Sergeant Overdrive, Private Downshift, and Private Camshaft! Unfortunately no images of the Omnibot cards seem to have been provided.
The two convention exclusive packs will be available not only at SDCC, but the tabletop gaming centric conventions GenCon and PAX Unplugged as well. If you’re unable to make it to any of these cons though, the IGN article promises some number of them will be available via Hasbro Pulse as well!
You can check out both variations of the Blaster vs. Soundwave set exclusive character cards down below or by checking out IGN’s article! And as always, check out the forums, Discord, or Facebook for more Transformers TCG news and discussion!