SDCC 2019: Wrap Up of the IDW Transformers Panel!

Get the latest on what’s new in the world of Transformers comics!
The panel kicked off with moderator David Mariotte introudicing the panelists, including Hasbro Director of Global Publishing Michael Kelly, Transformers Galaxies Constructicons Rising writer and artist Tyler Bleszinski and Livio Ramondelli, Transformers/Ghostbusters writer Erik Burnham, plus Sam Maggs and Brandon Easton.
The panel began with a discussion of IDW’s main Transformers book written by Brian Ruckley, going over the concepts and approach of the reboot. Several of the book’s original characters were discussed. It was also noted that the book’s third arc will begin in issue #13 and feature more cop drama and political intrigue.
Focus then shifted to the upcoming Transformers Galaxies, a new ongoing book with rotating creators set in the same universe as the main Transformers ongoing. The first arc, Constructicons Rising, takes place across Issues #1-6 and will be written by Tyler Bleszinski with art by Livio Ramondelli. As one might expect, it will feature an origin story for everyone’s favorite green and purple (de)construction workers! Subsequent arcs will include one focusing on Arcee and Greenlight by Sam Maggs in Issues #7-9 and one focusing on Ultra Magnus by Brandon Easton in Issues #10-#12.
We then move on to the currently ongoing Transformers/Ghostbusters miniseries, who’s second issue of five just dropped yesterday. Writer Erik Burnham discussed the new character of Ectotron while discussing how fun it has been to weave these two franchises, both of which celebrate a 35th Anniversary in 2019, together. Plugs were given for the SDCC Exclusive Ghostbusters MP Optimus Prime figure, as well as the Star Trek vs. Transformers and GI Joe vs. Transformers miniseries, both of which are collected and available for purchase now.
After a mention of Simon Furman and Guido Guidi’s 35th Anniversary One-Shot Transformers ’84, which will tie the classic Marvel US and Marvel UK comic continuities together, the panel took a surprising direction! Shifting gears to other, non-Transformers comics by IDW! First up was the announcement of a new ROM series: ROM: Dire Wraiths, a comic that will tell the story of the alien shapeshifters encountering the crew of the first moon landing. In the world of G.I. Joe is a new ongoing by Paul Allor and Chris Evenhuis, which will see the Joes acting as insurgents against a world ruled by Cobra. According to Michael Kelly, inspiration was taken from stories of civilians fighting back against oppressive rule in World War 2. Also in the world of GI Joe, Larry Hama’s long running continuation of his classic Marvel Joe series will continue with GI Joe: Snake Hunt, a story which will feature every living member of America’s Daring Special Mission Force!
With that, the panel shifted into Q&A mode. During this time, Brandon Easton answered a question about continuity in such a way that seemingly implied that the upcoming Netflix War for Cybertron animated series he’s writing for may have some continuity with IDW’s comics, but didn’t go into detail. It was also asked if one Rocky Balboa, who once almost a GI Joe figure back in the 80s, would appear in the Snake Hunt series, but Michael Kelly shot the poor question asker down…
And that’s it for IDW’s Transformers/Hasbro Comics Panel! Thanks to Newsarama for providing a liveblog of the panel. To discuss the news, check out the Allspark forums, Discord, or Facebook group!