SDCC 2019 Preview Night Transformers Setup Sneak Peak: Ratbat, Rumble, Micromasters, and Rung!

Thanks to Twitter user and BEASTBOX producer Stryker Wang, we have a sneak peak at the Transformers setup for SDCC Preview Night! In addition to a few recently announced bots on display we have a few new surprises such as more micromasters and new cassette minions for Soundwave!
We get our first glimpse at the rumored Micromaster re-deco 10-pack featuring some familiar G1 ‘bots included with bases and vehicles such as Ironworks and Groundshaker and Japanese Micromasters like Gunlift and Powerbomb!
Also revealed is our first update of a Micromaster Combiner team, Battle Squad members Direct-Hit and Power Punch!
Also Spotted are new Recordicons for Soundwave—Ratbat and Rumble (or Frenzy if you’re wrong)!
Also spotted is what appears to be a gray redeco of Battlemaster Firedrive and a new Battlemaster of, what’s his name? Rong? No, that’s not right. Oh yeah, it’s RUNG!
And on the subject of Astrotrain, we get a good look at a previously unknown feature—the coal compartment at the back of his train mode transforms into a launch pad for his shuttle mode!
Check out the pics for yourself below!

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