RedCard Exclusive Generations Selects Red Wing Up For Pre-Order at Target

If you missed out the first time, now’s your second chance to get your Red Wings… if you got a RedCard, that is.After briefly being available for purchase from for a short period of time a few weeks ago, the Generations Selects Seeker Red Wing has gone back up for pre-order, but with a catch. He is now only available to customers who have Target’s RedCard debit/credit card.
This is obviously very disappointing for those who missed out on Red Wing the first time, so hopefully he may become available through less restrictive means at a later date. If you are a RedCard holder, Red Wing is priced at standard Voyager Class MSRP of $29.99.
If you’re able to get a pre-order in on Red Wing, let us know on the Allspark Forums, Facebook group, or Discord server!