Pre-SDCC Generations Toy Roundup

With San Diego Comic-Con 2019 fast approaching, we’ve been hit with a tidal wave of official and unofficial toy reveals from a variety of sources. If you’ve been having trouble keeping up with everything being shown off for the ‘War for Cybertron’ Generations toyline, we’ve got a handy roundup gathering everything in one place!

Images in this article are sourced from Stryker Wang on Twitter, eBay listings, the Transformers Facebook page, the Taiwanese web retailers Shopee and Ruten, Ryan Penagos on Twitter, and HasLab.

Battle Masters Wave 4 – Rung and ???

Set to debut in December, the first wave of 2020 Battle Master figures most notably includes the very first figure of IDW breakout character Rung, now reimagined with a blaster alt-mode. He’s joined by a currently unidentified redeco of Firedrive (sporting the Fire Blast effect parts from Aimless).

Micromasters Wave 4 – Direct-Hit & Power Punch and Rumble & Ratbat

Due out in December, the first wave of 2020 Micromasters sees the line reimagine Micromaster Combiners for the first time with 1990 duo Direct-Hit and Power Punch, a natural step given the two-pack format. We also have a second pair of cassette Micromasters, with Rumble and Ratbat joining this year’s Laserbeak and Ravage.

Deluxe Class Wave 5 – Crosshairs and Spinister

The first wave of 2020 Deluxes, again due in December, shows some Targetmaster love with Crosshairs, a retool of Ironhide, and a new-mold Spinister.

Voyager Wave 5 – Apeface

2020’s Voyager assortment is set to kick off in December with Apeface! This loving homage to the original features both jet and gorilla alt-modes, plus a Titans Return style Titan Master head figure!

Leader Class Wave 3 – Astrotrain

Rounding out the first waves of 2020 product is Leader Class Astrotrain, also set to debut in December. He includes a transforming accessory which can become a weapons rack for robot mode, a carriage for train mode, or a launch pad for shuttle mode.

Micromaster 10-Pack

This 10-pack, potentially a Target exclusive based on discovered computer listings, includes a variety of redeco Micromasters, among them Irontread (AKA Ironworks), Groundshaker, Overair, Road Police, Wheel Blaze, Cratermaker (AKA Powerbomb), Fireline (AKA Gunlift), Slyhopper (AKA Skyhopper) and Nightflight.

Rainmaker 3-Pack

This three-pack, also potentially a Target exclusive, brings together all three Rainmakers in the Siege Seeker mold, with Ion Storm and Nova Storm getting their very first transforming toys in the first place!

35th Anniversary figures

This Siege subline celebrating the 35th anniversary of Transformers is currently a mystery, but will presumably be exclusive in some manner. The line was revealed during preview tours at Toy Fair 2019 but removed and unacknowledged for the main event, and is set to include Bluestreak (Prowl redeco with Smokescreen shoulder cannons), Soundblaster (Soundwave retool with new double-cassette door), and cartoon-style redecoes of Optimus Prime and Megatron. We’ve since seen clear stock photos for Bluestreak, and a leaked packaging design for Soundblaster.

Generations Selects – Lancer and Galactic Man Shockwave

Hasbro have revealed the next two figures for the Generations Selects mail-order line: Lancer, a retool of Greenlight who completes the female Autobot combiner Orthia, and Galactic Man Shockwave, who pays homages to Radio Shack’s grey version of the ‘Astro Magnum’ toy that became Generation 1 Shockwave. Lancer is already finding her way out into the world – check out the Allspark’s photo gallery!

HasLab Unicron

Saving the biggest for last, it’s the enormous War for Cybertron Trilogy Unicron, whose HasLab crowdfunding campaign is already underway on Hasbro Pulse. If 8,000 people preorder the 27-inch-tall, $575 figure before 31st August 2019, Unicron will go into production for 2021 and become the largest (and heaviest!) Transformers toy ever made!

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