Packaging Images for 35th Anniversary War for Cybertron: Siege Soundblaster and Bluestreak!

Get a new look at these two upcoming Siege repaints!
Via the Taiwanese online retailers and, we have packaging images of the upcoming 35th Anniversary War for Cybertron Siege toys Soundblaster (1, 2) and Bluestreak (1, 2)! In addition to the in package shot, Bluestreak also has a stock photo of the toy out of box.

While the images are rather small and low quality, they do lend additional confirmation to the two toys who were initially on display at ToyFair 2019 before the show had opened to press and had later mysteriously disappeared… Bluestreak was also the subject of another recent leak, where an in-hand photo of him and Siege Ratchet appeared on Reddit. Hopefully we’ll hear details from Hasbro themselves at this month’s San Diego Comic Con!
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