Meet the BotBots Con Crew in this gallery!

SDCC 2019 rolls on, bringing us the first-ever convention exclusive BotBots! As previously reported, the SDCC 2019 exclusive BotBots “Con Crew” set was released at general retail in the Philippines, and we’ve got a quick but comprehensive look at the three-tribe set of new arrivals.

The set is a mix of convention-themed characters — better yet, convention ATTENDEE-themed characters, with personalities to match — composed of some redecos and some debuting new molds. It’s worth noting that the packaging doesn’t have an SDCC logo or “convention exclusive” notation anywhere, although that doesn’t make it any less special.

It’s effectively one of the first BotBots box sets, alongside the series 3 Arcade Renegades’ 16-figure packaging, and the packaging has a nice look, from the social media-themed cover with selfies of the Con Crew, to the inner tray displaying the characters in a mix of robot and altmodes, to the bright and energetic original art depicting the characters at a ‘con (with a bit of a GI Joe shout-out in the background). Owing to its one-shot release format, there are no blind-packaged figures in this set.
The inner tray is also accompanied by a backdrop with some raised pieces, which is sadly a bit too cramped to serve as a diorama in its current form (but there’s nothing really stopping you from opening it up and adding to it…). Interestingly, the instructions don’t have any bios for the characters — those are found on the by the interior cover, which also has “convention panel schedule” style profiles showing us more of their personalities.

The 10-figure set breaks down into three tribes with their own sigils: the Line League, the Fantastic Fuelers, and the Meet ‘N’ Greets.

The Line League is a three-Bot team comprised of items you might encounter in a convention queue: a tent, a backpack, and a portable game console that helps you while the time away. These are also known as Vigitente (a new series 3 tent mold), Con-packtor (a series 3 Rink Stink redeco), and Captain Cartridge (a series 3 D-Pad Chad redeco).
Vigitente is a nice preview of the upcoming Playroom Posse tent; she sports a somewhat Megs-y helmet and a mischievous, daring expression. Con-pack-tor carries the Rink Stink mold well with an eye-catching yellow and red strap detailing (the green crest is a nice accent too). Captain Cartridge is one of the three figures in the set to come with cosplay gear: he’s got a fabric cape that’s removable if you pop his head block off. You don’t really need to take the cape off to transform him, but it’ll get stuck under the ‘screen’ and will look odd. 

The Fantastic Fuelers is the only four-Bot group, perhaps a nod to another fantastic foursome, comprised of convention snacks (fish taco, chips) and beverages (energy drink, coffee). This is where you’ll meet Sumthin’ Fishy (a redeco of series 2 Hawt Mess), Hal A. Peno (redeco of series 3 Treat Elite), Carb O. Nate (redeco of series 1 Nrjeez), and Coffeemus Prime (a redeco of series 3 Latte Spice Whirl).
Sumthin’ Fishy brings the obvious fish-themed redeco for Hawt Mess’ taco altmode, with some nice teal and pink accents in robot mode. Hal A. Peno revisits the mold with a bright red and an unexpected set of blonde (cosplay?) bangs in robot mode. Carb O. Nate brings some life to his inherited mold with a great deco that really beats the somewhat plain look of Nrjeez. Finally, Coffeemus Prime has an unmasked face under his cardboard cosplay mask (which I apparently didn’t get back on correctly); the mask also needs to be removed for transformation. The rest of him is pure Optimus fanboy cosplay as well, from chest windows to silver grille. 

Finally, the Meet ‘N’ Greets are items that feature at convention panels — a marker, a book, and a camera. These are Scribzilla (new marker mold), Inky Inkerson (book, a Professor Wellread redeco), and Botarazzi (camera, an S.A. Cheez redeco).
Scribzilla has the pink fabric kaiju-cosplay hat, a nice piece that is held on by the ball joints for his wings/marker body (marker mode is only possible without it — take special care in pulling the wings off by the ball-joint). Inky puts a sutiably bored and disaffected face on the Professor Wellread mold, while Botarazzi adds a silver deco to the growing BotBots camera club.

This convention exclusive set has unique, exclsuive-feel packaging, soft-goods bonus pieces, a great mold selection from across the first three series of the line, and fun chartacter choices. On the whole, the Con Crew is a very cool collection that cleverly captures con-going ‘capades and can cause cavorting among even casual or callous collectors.
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