Listings for New Transformers Studio Series Figures Leak, including Arcee and Soundwave!

The official beginning of San Diego Comic Con is almost upon us along with all the news that comes with it, but a handful of Hasbro’s upcoming Studio Series figures may have just gotten revealed just a little bit early!
Via a listing that appeared on the Loopaza Mega Store (a retailer with a history of credibly releasing Takara’s schedules for upcoming Transformers product) Facebook page, we have an idea of what upcoming Studio Series figures Takara Tomy will be releasing in January of 2020!

While Mixmaster and Movie Masterpiece Jazz were already known, the other three figures listed here are a surprise! Given that we’ve yet to see any new Studio Series product from Hasbro in the run up to San Diego Comic Con, we can probably expect “New Bumblebee”, the Arcee triplets, and DotM Soundwave later this weekend! The Hasbro Preview Breakfast will be later today, at 8 AM Pacific Standard Time, and we’ll be sure to let you know if these figures make an appearance!
Thanks to Riot Control of the Allspark Discord server for bringing these listings to our attention!
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