Hasbro Pulse reveals online debuts for SDCC-exclusive toys

Hasbro Pulse has posted instructions (hosted by a vaguely uncanny CGI Optimus Prime) for visitors to the Hasbro Pulse booth at San Diego Comic Con – but if you’re not going, don’t worry! Any unsold stock from the con will be available online through Hasbro Pulse, starting from Monday 12 August.
The first exclusives to go up will be more “girl-targeted” toys: the Ugly Dolls “Artist Series” plush collection, featuring the original three UglyDoll designs; the My Little Pony “Through the Years” two-pack, pairing Friendship is Magic heroine Twilight Sparkle with a retro-styled toy of her 1980s counterpart, Twilight; the Disney Princess Comics-inspired “Ariel’s Treasure Trove” statuettes; and a two-pack of Troll dolls celebrating the 60th anniversary of the big-haired toys.
Action figure fans won’t have to wait long, as on the 15th August Hasbro Pulse will make available a toy of Overwatch’s Reinhardt in his military-inspired Bundeswehr skin, followed by the Power Rangers Lightning Collection two-pack (featuring original-generation Ranger Jason in both his Red Ranger and Gold Ranger guises) on the 28th. The next releases will be a retro 80th anniversary toy of Marvel Comics’ Hulk, and a two-pack of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s morally ambiguous brothers the Collector and Grandmaster, both available on August 30th.
Though the Transformers exclusives won’t be out until September 4th, there are more of them than any other brand represented among Hasbro’s convention offerings. Not only will there be the Ghostbusters-themed MP-10G Optimus Prime and the “Convention Crew” BotBots 10-pack, the “Blaster vs Soundwave” and Omnibot packs for the Transformers TCG will also be available.
Lastly will be the Star Wars action figures – in addition to the Black Series 6″ Boba Fett in his 1977 “Holiday Special” colours, there will be a three-pack of original trilogy Luke Skywalker designs… and, intriguingly, an “exclusive early release product” with no other details available.
To make sure you know what to prepare for, visit the Hasbro Pulse website – then join the discussion in the Allspark forums or in our Discord server!