Generations Selects Lancer and Galactic Man Shockwave Available for Purchase at San Diego Comic Con!

Galactic Manliness could be yours even sooner than expected!

Through an Instagram post by ToyShiz, we’ve learned that online retailer Entertainment Earth will apparently be selling the new Generations Selects War for Cybertron Siege Lancer and Galactic Man Shockwave figures at their San Diego Comic Con booth!

Both are available at standard MSRP for their price points, $20 for the deluxe Lancer and $50 for the Galactic Man. In addition, Entertainment Earth also seems to be throwing in a bonus pin for your purchase!
We already knew Galactic Man Shockwave and Lancer probably weren’t far off (especially since we’ve already gotten a Lancer of our own!), but learning that they’ll be available at the same show they’re officially unveiled at is still a slight surprise! If they become available for non-SDCC attendees, we’ll be sure to let you know! And thanks to longtime Allsparker Powered Convoy for alerting us to this news!
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