Generations Selects Galactic Man Shockwave and Lancer Officially Revealed!

The Generations Selects line-up is about to go… galactic.
Through a post on the official Transformers Facebook page, Hasbro has announced two new toys for their online exclusive Generations Selects line: The sixth and final member of the original Female Autobots Lancer (who leaked earlier this week) and the fan-tastically named GALACTIC MAN SHOCKWAVE.

A black redeco of the Leader Class War for Cybertron: Siege Shockwave toy, Galactic Man Shockwave is based off of the colorscheme for the original “4 Changeable Astro Magnum” toy who would later be licensed by Hasbro and released as Shockwave in the Transformers line in 1985. The name is also a reference to a later, non Transformers release of the toy which dubbed him “Galactic Man”.
While no release date was provided for either of the toys, Lancer having already leaked out into several smaller Asian retailers certainly might indicate the two aren’t far off! At any rate, Hasbro promises more details about the two at San Diego Comic Con.
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