Autobot Lancer? Get to know ‘er! (in this gallery)

SDCC is due in a few days, at which point we’ll see more of Generations Selects Autobot Lancer, the last member of the Orthia combiner who’s slowly been built up since Power of the Primes. A number of photos of the newest Generations Selects release have shown up in the last few days, and now it’s the Allspark’s turn to take an initial look at the new arrival.
Autobot Lancer comes packaged in the familiar Generations Selects brown box, with Siege-style instructions that label her weapons with the COMBAT system nomenclature: the large-barrel pistol previously seen with Novastar is now the JF-10 Gravitus Blaster, and the Prime Armor/combiner fist is now the C-50 Sonic Electro-Armor.
The figure is essentially Siege Greenlight (carrying forward that release’s modifications from POTP Moonracer) with a new head. Nevertheless, the vibrant orange and varying shades of purple definitely give this release a distinct visual identity and a lot of character. (Would’ve been nice to get a Battle Master partner with her too, though — but that’s not really been a thing with this release format.)

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