Video Review for War For Cybertron: Siege Springer!

Get an early look at the latest incarnation of everyone’s favorite Autobot Triple Changer!

YouTube reviewer Kevin Liu is back at it again, this time with a look at the upcoming War for Cybertron: Siege toy of Springer!

So what do you think of Hasbro’s new, heavily G1 inspired take on the Autobot aerial defender? If you’re taken with him and are based in the US, you may not need to wait much longer for him to begin showing up at retail, as members of the Hardcore Collectors and Cybertron Cafe Facebook groups have spotted him at Wal-Marts in Connecticut and Maryland respectively.
Whether you have better things to do than buy him, share your thoughts on or sightings of Siege Springer on the Allspark forums, Facebook page, or Discord server!