Transformers TCG Card Reveal Round Up for 6/3-6/5/19!

The third and second to last character cards have been unveiled, plus a whole host of new battle cards!

Let’s start things off with two of the most recent reveals: two of the last character cards in Wave 3! Revealed through and Team Covenant respectively, we have the Micro Master Private Top Shot and the Decepticon Targetmaster Raider Triggerhappy! While Private Top Shot doesn’t come as much of a surprise, as his Battle Patrol teammate Flak was among the earliest card reveals, Triggerhappy is a bit more unexpected, though he was hinted at via his appearance on the Smoke Cloak battle card. He certainly isn’t unwelcome though, as his abilities grant you a whopping Pierce 4 in robot mode and the ability to return scrapped upgrades to your hand when transformed to plane mode! For detailed looks at potential strategies for both these cards, click the links to their reveals above!

Now, onto the battle cards! First off, the TCG revealed a trio of cards on their Twitter and Facebook pages. The first is the Shockwave centric weapon upgrade LV Gamma-Disruptor Launcher! Modeled after his War for Cybertron: Siege toy’s Weaponizer shoulder cannons, Shockwave cards can be equipped with a pair of these weapons, each one giving him +2 damage and forcing your opponent to scrap a card from their when it’s equipped! We also have Metal Detector, which allows you to play an upgrade should you draw one when attacking with a metal detecting character, and Micro Capacitor, which allows you to untap a character (such as Micro Masters, who all have such abilities…) after you use their tap ability!

For the final four reveals today, we have a pair of two card reveals! First, in a Facebook note going over the longstanding TCG tournament tradition of sideboarding, TFTCG designer Scott Van Essen revealed Point-Defense System and W-5 Gyro Blaster, a pair of cards that help neuter Pierce and Bold/Tough effects respectively! Meanwhile, Matafer on YouTube dropped reveals for Basic Combat Protocol and Anticipation Engine!

And that about does it for now! With the Transformers Trading Card Game’s third wave release date of June 28th drawing ever closer, the anticipation is only rising! Plus there’s only one more character card left to reveal this wave… you can share your thoughts on who it might be with us on the Allspark forums, Facebook page, or Discord server!