Transformers TCG Blaster vs. Soundwave Boxset Announced for San Diego Comic Con Debut!

Help ring in 35 years of Transformers with this new, retro flavored set of cards!

Announced through the official Transformers Trading Card Game Facebook page, the latest box set in the Transformers Trading Card Game showcases a showdown between two iconic Transformers characters: The heroic Autobot boombox Blaster and the evil Decepticon tapedeck Soundwave and their respective cassette minions!

Featuring gorgeous retro artwork taken straight from their original toys’ boxart, the Blaster vs Soundwave set will get you the box’s two namesakes, three Autobot cassettes (Eject, Steeljaw, and Ramhorn), three Decepticon cassettes (Frenzy, Ravage, and Buzzsaw), and two 40 card decks! That’s a total of 88 cards in one box! While both Blaster and Soundwave are the standard, large size character cards, the six cassettes are smaller cards in the vein of Wave 3’s Battle and Micro Master cards.
The Blaster vs. Soundwave boxset is priced at $50 will be launching first at San Diego Comic Con 2019, which takes place from July 17th to the 21st. If you can’t make it to SDCC, don’t fret, as the TCG’s Facebook assures that the set won’t be exclusive to the show and will be available through other, more accessible means at an unspecified later date. It does, however, tease that this won’t be the only thing they’ll have at the show!
Until SDCC, you can get your Transformers TCG fix by checking out the game’s new, third wave War for Cybertron: Siege I, which launches tomorrow, June 28th! And for more TCG news and discussion, the Allspark’s front pageforums, Discord, or Facebook have got you covered!